Dr. Joe Trueba, Veterinarian, with a patientThe Wiseman Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel is committed to providing the best possible care for your pet. As an AAHA member, we follow only the strictest guidelines and highest standards when caring for your pet. Whether your pet is vacationing with us, due for his/her vaccinations, or here for a surgical procedure, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the highest quality of Tucson veterinary care.

Wiseman Animal Hospital has been a¬†Tucson Veterinarian Clinic since 1956 providing complete veterinary care and boarding. As an AAHA member, we follow only the strictest guidelines and highest standards when providing for your pet’s health needs.

Our full-service Tucson veterinary hospital is designed and equipped to provide care in all phases of small animal medicine and surgery.

Our veterinarians and staff believe strongly in preventative pet health care. Yearly physical exams aid the doctors in detecting underlying conditions and concerns. In addition to yearly vaccines, we also recommend routine stool checks for parasite and heartworm preventative. In our senior pets (10 years and older) we recommend routine bloodwork to alert us of early organ disease.

Jason, our Vet Tech with a furry patientAppointments are available Monday through Saturday.

We gladly accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept CareCredit.


During normal business hours, contact us at 520-296-2388. After hours call Animal Emergency Service at 520-327-5624 for immediate assistance. They are located at 4832 E. Speedway Blvd., one half block East of Swan on the South side of Speedway.

Mission Statement

The goal of Wiseman Animal Hospital is to provide your pet with the most professional and highest quality medical care that is available with individualized attention to your pets needs.

Tucson Veterinarian Services, Conditions We Treat, and Procedures We Perform

Pet Vaccines
Dog Vaccines
Cat Vaccines
Boarding Vaccines
Pet Dentistry
Dog Dentistry
Canine Dentistry
Feline Dentistry
Cat Dentistry
Canine Dental X-Rays
Feline Dental X-Rays
Pet Dental X-Rays
Cat Dental X-Rays
Dog Dental X-Rays
Dog Bad Breath
Cat Bad Breath
Canine Bad Breath
Feline Bad Breath
Canine Halitosis
Feline Halitosis
Canine Root Canals
Feline Root Canals
Dog Root Canals
Cat Root Canals
Canine Broken Teeth
Feline Broken Teeth
Dog Loose Teeth
Cat Loose Teeth
Canine Loose Teeth
Canine Loose Teeth
Dog Gum Disease
Cat Gum Disease
Canine Gum Disease
Feline Gum Disease
Dog Dental Tartar
Cat Dental Tartar
Canine Dental Tartar
Feline Dental Tartar
Dog Parasites
Cat Parasites
Canine Parasites
Feline Parasites
Dog Worms
Cat Worms
Canine Worms
Feline Worms
Dog Ticks
Canine Ticks
Canine Tick Fever
Dog Tick Fever
Canine Ehrlichiosis
Dog Fleas
Canine Fleas
Cat Fleas
Feline Fleas
Cat Ear Mites
Feline Ear Mites
Dog Ear Mites
Canine Ear Mites
Dog Nutrition
Canine Nutrition
Feline Nutrition
Cat Nutrition
Canine Corona Virus
Dog Corona Virus
Feline Leukemia
Cat Leukemia
Feline AIDS
Canine Valley Fever
Dog Valley Fever
Valley Fever
Cat Valley Fever
Feline Valley Fever
Canine Allergies
Dog Allergies
Dog Skin Scratching
Canine Skin Scratching
Dog Ear Scratching
Canine Ear Scratching
Dog Ear Infections
Canine Ear Infections
Canine Dermatology
Dog Dermatology
Canine Wounds
Veterinary Dermatology
Veterinary Skin Problems
Canine Trauma
Dog Trauma
Cat Trauma
Feline Trauma
Dog Wounds
Cat Wounds
Feline Wounds
Canine Abscess
Dog Abscess
Feline Abscess
Cat Abscess
Canine Snakebite
Dog Snakebite
Feline Snakebite
Cat Snakebite
Canine Cancer
Dog Cancer
Feline Cancer
Canine Cancer
Canine Tumors
Dog Tumors
Feline Tumors
Cat Tumors
Canine Opthalmology
Dog Opthalmology
Feline Opthalmology
Cat Opthalmology
Canine Eye Problems
Dog Eye Problems
Feline Eye Problems
Cat Eye Problems
Canine Chronic Cough
Dog Chronic Cough
Feline Chronic Cough
Cat Chronic Cough
Canine Cough
Dog Cough
Feline Cough
Cat Cough
Kennel Cough
Canine Kennel Cough
Canine Respiratory Diseases
Dog Respiratory Diseases
Feline Respiratory Diseases
Cat Respiratory Diseases
Feline Herpes Virus
Cat Herpes Virus
Canine Herpes Virus
Dog Herpes Virus
Canine Limping
Dog Limping
Feline Limping
Cat Limping
Veterinary Specialists
Veterinary Specialist
Canine Specialist
Dog Specialist
Canine Veterinary Specialist
Dog Veterinary Specialist
Feline Veterinary Specialist
Cat Veterinary Specialist
Canine Feline Specialist
Dog and Cat Specialist
Canine Medicine Specialist
Dog Medicine Specialist
Feline Medicine Specialist
Cat Medicine Specialist
Canine Gastroenterology Specialist
Dog Gastroenterology Specialist
Canine Surgery Specialist
Feline Surgery Specialist
Canine Vomiting
Dog Vomiting
Feline Vomiting
Cat Vomiting
Canine Diarrhea
Dog Diarrhea
Canine Colitis
Dog Colitis
Feline Colitis
Cat Colitis
Canine Endoscopy
Dog Endoscopy
Canine Colonoscopy
Dog Colonoscopy
Canine Rabies Vaccine
Cat Endoscopy
Feline Endoscopy
Cat Colonoscopy
Feline Colonoscopy
Canine Sneezing
Feline Sneezing
Canine Nasal Foreign Bodies
Dog Nasal Foreign Bodies
Feline Nasal Foreign Bodies
Cat Nasal Foreign Bodies
Canine Nasal Tumors
Dog Nasal Tumors
Feline Nasal Tumors
Cat Nasal Tumors
Canine Rhinoscopy
Dog Rhinoscopy
Canine Nose Scoping
Dog Nose Scoping
Canine Surgery
Dog Surgery
Feline Surgery
Cat Surgery
Canine Spay
Dog Spay
Feline Spay
Cat Spay
Canine Bone Surgery
Dog Bone Surgery
Feline Bone Surgery
Cat Bone Surgery
Canine Skin Problems
Feline Skin Problems
Dog Skin Problems
Cat Skin Problems
Dog Kennels
Canine Kennels
Cat Kennels
Feline Kennels
Pet Kennels
Pet X-rays
Canine Distemper Vaccine
Dog Distemper Vaccine
Feline Distemper Vaccine
Feline Distemper Vaccine
Canine Corona Vaccine
Dog Corona Vaccine
Dog Rabies Vaccine
Feline Rabies Vaccine
Cat Rabies Vaccine
Feline Leukemia Vaccine
Cat Leukemia Vaccine
Feline Leukemia Test
Cat Leukemia Test
Canine Parvo Vaccine
Dog Parvo Vaccine
Canine Parvo Test
Dog Parvo Test
Canine Cardiology
Feline Cardiology
Dog Cardiology
Cat Cardiology
Canine Cushings
Dog Cushings
Canine Bloat
Dog Bloat
Canine Torsion
Dog Torsion
Canine Anemia
Dog Anemia
Feline Anemia
Cat Anemia
Canine Pancreatitis
Dog Pancreatitis
Feline Pancreatitis
Cat Pancreatitis
Canine Microchip
Dog Microchip
Feline Microchip
Cat Microchip
Canine Rabies License
Dog Rabies License

This is just a partial list of the procedures and conditions we treat. Call our office at 520-296-2388 to inquire about yours pet’s special needs.

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5943 E. Speedway Blvd.
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Monday thru Friday8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM to Noon


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