Kennel Flea and Tick Prevention

Probably the biggest fear that kennel operators have is the possibility of sending a dog or cat home from the kennel with fleas or ticks. A large dog could transport one or two of these tiny pests into a kennel and infest an entire kennel room or an entire set of outdoor runs. The remedy to prevent this problem in “yester-years” was to dip every animal upon entry into the kennel. Pima County Animal Control Center, for example, has a walk through dipping vat that it used for years for this purpose. Every animal that entered the facility was walked through this vat on their way to their kennel.

Over the years, the Environmental Protection Agency has removed almost all products from the market that were used efficiently and safely as “dips”. There is not a single professional dip product on the market. The one or two products available in pet stores or online are those that have been abandoned by veterinarians as not effective, or their limited effect kept them off the veterinary market all-together.

Luckily, there are “spot on” products on the market that have a wide margin of safety on pets. They are lethal to ticks and fleas and effective for a month. These products work by absorption into the pets skin oil glands, and then by being excreted in the skin oil over the entire pet’s coat for a whole month. Even if these products are used on pets with ticks or fleas and the pests walk around or jump off, all of the parasites that are exposed to a treated pet’s skin oil die. Application of one of these products protects your pet from the others, and protects the others from yours.

There are brand name grocery store “spot on” products that commonly cause skin reactions in dogs and can cause toxicity in cats. Most of these products are mere repellants that do not kill fleas and ticks. The one that is toxic to cats is an insecticide. These products are outside of the professional market for a reason. Veterinarians may have abandoned them, they are not effective, or they were considered safety hazards. The professional brand Advantage is not acceptable as it is primarily a flea product and does not kill or repel ticks.

The acceptable products are the following:

Dogs: Frontline, Activyl, Certifect, Effitix, Advantix, Ovitrol X-Tend, Parastar, PowerBand, ProTICall, and Vectra 3D only.

Cats: Frontline, Breakaway Plus, Easy Spot, Effipro, and Seresto.

Please provide proof of purchase and application from your regular veterinarian, bring one in for us to apply, or we will provide the product and apply it here.

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