Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel StaffThe goal of Wiseman Boarding Kennel is to provide your pet with the most professional and highest quality pet boarding available. We are particularly sensitive to your pets needs and will provide you and your pet with the best service and care possible. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pets care is under direct veterinary supervision in a full service hospital setting.


Dog Boarding

Dogs are taken outside individually to large shaded exercise runs twice daily.

Cat Boarding

Cats are provided with disposable litter boxes that are changed frequently.



To ensure your pets’ good health, we feed high-quality Science Diet products. All pets are fed twice daily. If your pet requires a special diet, please let us know. We take great pride in accommodating your pets’ special needs.

Dog Wash at the boarding kennelBaths and Nail Trims

Please let us know upon check-in if you would like your pet to have a bath or nail trim while boarding. If you schedule a bath on the last day of your pets boarding stay, check-out time is waived for that day.

Parasite Control

Our kennel is a flea- and tick- free environment (click here for more details.) For it to remain that way, we require all pets to be treated with a flea and tick preventative. For your convenience, we will gladly apply Frontline for pets that are not currently protected (please call for price). We only accept the following flea and tick control products:

DOGS: Frontline, Revolution, Activyl, Certifect, Effitix, Frontline, Advantix, Ovitrol X-Tend, Parastar, PowerBand, ProTICall, and Vectra 3D

CATS: Frontline, Revolution, Breakaway Plus, Easy Spot, Effipro, and Sereso



Proof of current vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian is required for all boarding animals. Pets not current on their vaccinations will be vaccinated upon admission for an additional charge.

The following vaccinations are required:

For Dog Boarding Tucson:

For Cats:

  • RCP
  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia
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