Breed Predispositions to Valley Fever

The Boxer and the Dalmation are by far the two breeds most prone (or least resistant) to valley fever. Any illness in a member of one of these breeds makes an Arizona veterinarian suspicious. These breeds also respond to treatment more slowly and some are chronically...

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Oral Care is Essential to Maintaining a Pet’s Health

Bad breath in pets can be a sign of underlying disease for the pet and it is unpleasant for owners. Prevention is inexpensive once the teeth have been cleaned by the veterinarian. You can brush the pets teeth with a pediatric toothbrush and some pet toothpaste, start...

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Arizona Dust Fuels Canine Valley Fever Worries

In the Tucson Area, monsoon storms have been kicking up dust, stirring concerns about canine valley fever. Spores in the areas soil are moved with the dust and dogs can easily inhale these. This leads to a lung infection. About 1 in 25 dogs in Arizona will be infected...

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August Case of the Month

Wally and Liz presented their 7 year female spayed Rotty named Minny to check a three week old lameness. Minny was not bearing weight on her left fore foot. X-rays found a bone lesion at the elbow that was elevating the thin covering of the bone, consuming bone...

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If Dog Meets Colorado River Toad

The Colorado River Toad, commonly seen in Tucson after thunderstorms, get a dogs attention as the only moving object at or near dark. Aflicted dogs roll, rub their faces, act almost as if seizuring, have beet red gums, and high body tempratures. When you see these...

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