When you need to go on vacation or out of town on business, you need to know your dog or cat is in a safe, clean, reliable kennel while you are away. At Wiseman, we feel strongly that not all kennels are the same, so we’ve put together a checklist on how to choose the right kennel for your dog or cat.
1) Is the kennel in a central location, that you might pass on your way to work, your way out of town or on the way to the airport? Many kennels are on the far outskirts of town in heavy industrial areas, far from home and hard to get to.
2) Does the Kennel allow you to tour the facility?
3) Does the facility smell and look clean?
4) Does the facility have a “live on premises” staff member who checks on the animals at night?
5) Does the Dog boarding facility walk your pet on a grass lawn twice daily without expecting to be paid for it, but just because they care about the pet’s well-being.

6) Does the Cat boarding facility have a separate room for cats, away from barking dogs?

7) Does the Dog boarding and Cat boarding facility feed a premium diet, like Science diet?
8) Does the Dog boarding kennel or Cat boarding facility have a veterinarian on premises during business hours and on call during the off hours?
9) Does the Dog and Cat boarding Kennel require vaccines and tick and flea treatment in order to protect your pet’s health?
10) Does the boarding kennel employ mature, experienced employees or is your pet being cared for by high school kids?
If the answer to each of these ten questions is yes, you have selected Wiseman Boarding Kennel, 520-296-2388!

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